iPad smart keyboard: press “caps lock” -- *language changes

How to lock caps with iPad Smart Keyboard’s caps lock key and not change the language??

  1. Go to SettingsGeneral

  2. Open Keyboard

  3. Select Hardware Keyboard 

  4. Switch off the Caps Lock switch to/from Latin

Et voilà!

In the strange workings of the mind — I suppose that of some designer at Apple, high-up on the corporate ladder, it made perfect sense that the “caps lock” key on the iPad external keyboard should function as a “language change” key, because he obviously gave the green light to this brilliant proposal. But we all know this keyboard arrangement isn’t such a good idea, since you are here, dear reader.

Perhaps you have stumbled upon this quiet little island in the vast ocean of cyberspace, in search of the key to the same problem I once encountered, whose answer I found online after quite some searching. That’s why I decided to create this post.