Favorite Crazy Evangelion Theories...

Disclaimer: these are quotes from various sources + my own theories. The โ€œIโ€s donโ€™t necessarily have to be me.

  1. Great Naked Rei didn't die when Shinji rejected Instrumentality. Lilith and Adam's souls are still floating around in the LCL, but they can do a bunch of kooky stuff the Lilin can't. Hell, Shinji and Asuka could really just walk to the beach one day and say hi to Rei and Kaworu! Have some brunch, talk about the kids, Shinji/Asuka Jr. could meet their Auntie Rei!

  2. I always liked the "Keel is the Wandering Jew" theory. It just seemed really original and funny. Who knows, maybe he is.

  3. I once saw a thread on Usenet where a poster was insisting that the "real reason" Shinji tried to throttle Asuka on the beach was he was angry that she wasn't Kaworu. 

  4. One of my favorites is the one where Pen-Pen is actually Misato's father.

  5. The Angels are after neither Adam nor Lilith, but rather Misato Katsuragi. Due to her status as the sole survivor of Second Impact's ground zero she holds a special place of reverence to the Angels. Some see her as someone who was divinely touched and wish to free her from "the clutches of the Lilin" so that she may be with "her people," while others see her as an abomination that just barely escaped their progenitor's wrath and needs to be finished off, with the grand exception to all this being Tabris, who was left totally and completely out of the loop.

  6. Touji, Hikari, Kensuke and other classmates were sent to Germany to become the primary souls of the mass production Evas.

  7. Ritsuko doesn't have a father because she's a clone of Naoko and not actually her daughter. She was one of the first successful clones made at the Artificial Evolution labratory and the technonolgy was later used to make Rei and the Evas. Gendo, being the pimp that he is, seduced Naoko and made her submit to a cloning so that when she finally outlived her usefulness, he would have another bitch to slap around. That's why Ritsuko falls into all the pratfalls her mom does. She was designed that way.

  8. I thought that Shinji was supposed to be the ego and Asuka the Id, with Rei being the superego. This makes sense: Asuka is full of barely restrained desire and isn't particularly adapted to the relatively constrained Japanese culture. Her focus is on what she wants, and even in the context of interpersonal relationships, it's mostly a pure "I want attention/recognition/interest" thing rather than a give-and-take. Shinji has these same urges but he is more socialized and therefore acts on what he is 'allowed' to do. Rei fits the superego since she is, in terms of her actions, almost purely that-which-is-expected/required. In a way, Rei is more socially acceptable than Asuka, because she does only those things that are required by the social structure she was taught, while Asuka ignores the rules of the game rather frequently (or is simply unaware of them).

  9. Misato was being prepped to pilot Adam prior to Second Impact.

  10. Shinji's bored in a class so he imagines the whole thing and when he was about to finish the "show" Asuka snitched to the teacher so he imagined he was strangling her...

  11. Kaworu is a clone of Dr. Katsuragi 

  12. Mari is called Mari as a reference to 'Mary-Sue's. 

  13. Eva 5 is deliberately awkward and ungainly to see whether the fanboys will buy just an ugly thing in action figure form.

  14. Kaworu shooting Kaji was my favorite crazy theory.

  15. You know...pretty much everybody has a motive to kill Kaji. So let's just take this to it's logical conclusion and say Pen-Pen killed Kaji in a jealous fit of rage over Misato.

  16. Pen-Pen couldn't have killed Kaji. 

    Look, all I'm saying is, Pen-Pen disappears, then Kaworu shows up. 

    Coincidence? I think not.

  17. I knew it! Pen-Pen was an angel all along!


  18. Hikari killed Kaji for breaking Asuka's heart. He actually meant she was late to school, not to kill him.

  19. The theory that Shinji killed Kaji as revenge for him cheating on Misato.

  20. Maya is Shinji's half-sister.

  21. Ristuko does reciprocate Maya's love.

  22. NGE is completely meaningless. Facing imminent bankruptcy, it was the creators device to exploit a Japanese tax laws loophole. 

  23. Rei Ayanami is NOT a clone of Yui.

  24. What Gendo really said to Ritsuko : "I am going to shoot you now".

  25. Rebuild is a self-insert fanfic written by Mari.

  26. In addition to all the drugs, Gendo had to have sex with Rei constantly to keep her combination Lilith clone body going.

  27. That Pen-Pen is actually a member of the First Ancestral Race taking the guise of a penguin. 

    After the FAR's unintentional mistake of sending two incompatible seeds of life to Earth, knowing they feared this, they send Pen-Pen to speed up the process of exterminating Adam, Lilith and their kin via Second and Third Impact just by delivering the Dead Sea Scrolls at Seele's doorstep.

    And near the end of the series where presumably he's been sent away to live with the Horaki family, in actuality, he made the trip back to his home plant bringing the good news that his plan has come close to fruition.

    Then he and his fellow FAR homies have a good laugh as hilarity ensues as they watch a giant nekkid albino marshmallow girl turning everyone into OJ.


  28. Anno is going to get fed up with the criticisms of Eva, and sell the series to Disney.

  29. Evangelion was just the representation of a menstrual cycle.

    Think about it.

  30. I guess my favorite theory would be is that Yui is the one singing Cruel Angel's Thesis 
    to Shinji.

  31. The entire show is a reinterpretation of the Genesis. That's why it's called Neon Genesis and not just Evangelion.

  32. TV Shinji is Rebuild Adam and TV Asuka is Rebuild Lilith.

  33. Final will utterly demolish the fourth wall, with Mari revealing that her true purpose is to destroy the Evangelion franchise, Asuka finally bothering to ask why her surname got changed, and the true villain of the piece being unmasked as Black Space Lord, who is actually Anno.

  34. Penpen is the Wunder.

  35. Evangelion isn't about depression at all. It's about the creative process, and making anime. SEELE represents the financial guys trying to take control of the process. Asuka represents the bitchy, self-absorbed audience that treats the creator's vision like it's their personal property and gets mad at it when it doesn't do what they want. Shinji represents actors, constantly whining and moaning about how hard their part is while everyone else does the real work and suffering. Rei is the production crew, all the guys to whom this is just a job.

  36. New Theatrical Evangelion is good

  37. Misato's father (christened Akira by our EvaGeeks overlord, Reichu) being Adam/Kaworu's donor is favorite theory because it just makes sense, IMHO. Misato says Kaji reminds her of her father and Kaworu has some Kaji-esque traits, which means he must have SOME resemblance to her father. 

  38. Was a reason given to why Gendo's silent line in The End of Evangelion was silent in the first place?

    • Gendo: Ritsuko Akagi, the truth is... I didn't clog your toilet that one night I came over. I saw Mr. Mittens pawing the toilet paper into the bowl, but I didn't tell you because I had an emergency call and had to leave suddenly. I'm sorry.

      Ritsko thinks to herself, then how did Mr. Mittens flush the toilet?

      Ritsko: Huh. You liar.

    • I'm inclined to go with "I love you" or something to that effect, because it had a big impact, since Ritsuko is floored and left speechless, and I got the impression she doesn't want to believe what he's saying.

      It could also be "I never wore that shirt you gave me! Never! I hated it!"

      On a related topic, this question was put to Matt Greenfield, Tiffany Grant and Yuko Miyamura at a con a few years ago. I still remember it because it was hilarious.

      TG: You're fired!

      YM (via her translator): You got fat.

      MG: Your mom was better.

  39. Regarding other life forms during instrumentality:

    • As Lilith's head comes crashing down into the ocean, you can see trees and plants on the mountainsides in the background. Either they weren't taken (cue: โ€œTrees donโ€™t have souls!!!โ€), came back immediately...oooor it was just an oversight by the animation team.

    • Could be an oversight, but, then, what WOULD be stopping less spiritually convoluted life from just immediately going back to that whole "living" business? Not like they're going to be tortured by thoughts about "who am I, really?" and whether the Abyss is the better place to be...

    • I agree with Reichu's point that Instrumentality seems to be specific only to Humans, not other creatures. It also gives me the question of how animals and especially plants could be included in instrumentality and be aware of it. I do not believe a cherry tree has a great ambition to be united with all the other cherry trees in a collective existence.

    • What I wonder is, up to now the general consensus seems to be that anyone emerging from the LCL Sea would have to literally reform inside the ocean and drag themselves out. Yet, all the trees just magically reappeared on the mountains where they were before, obviously without swimming back to land. Wouldn't that make it totally possible that any other returners could just manifest wherever? 

    • Not all souls are the same. The Chamber of Guf was utilized by the FAR to carry their souls to new worlds, so that they may be reborn from the Seeds. We know from the show that there's a limited amount of souls within Guf, and that it eventually becomes empty. It would be a tremendous and rapid strain on the population of souls if every single organism obtained a soul from Guf. Lilin are the true receivers of the Fruit of Knowledge, therefore it's reasonable to assume only Lilin contain the souls from Guf. The series is rather anthrocentric as it is, presenting humans as the peak of evolution and drawing direct parallels between them and their Angel counterparts. Plant and animal life is simply a necessary part of the ecosystem required to support Lilin life.

    • Trees have souls.

    • We call it 'human instrumentality' because there's no other name for it, but that was simply the name for what SEELE wanted to bring about.
      It isn't actually what happened. 'Human instrumentality' stopped being the gameplan as soon as Rei took Lilith's body and gained control over the proceedings. It became the 'Rei/Shinji do what they feel like' project at that point. Lilith loves all her creations just the same I imagine, so I'm sure all life was taken into the soul gestalt.

      You don't see any plants in the final scene, you know.

    • Or they just named it that because they only cared about the involvement of humans. It's entirely plausible that microbes and vegetables and whatnot were also a part of the process but that because they were irrelevant to the actual aims of that project, whoever named it that just didn't bother calling it the "Organic Life Instrumentality Project" or something.

      Seems clear to me that because all life evolved out of LCL and all living things have A.T. Fields, all living things were tanged and absorbed into the Black Moon during Instrumentality and they were all a part of it, but they just didn't have any complex thoughts or revelations or introspection during it.

  40. TBC