Jehovah's Witnesses!!!

Funny shit I saw on Reddit.

↪️When I was a kid whenever Jehovah's witnesses would pull into our driveway, my Mother would turn off the TV and all the lights and tell me we needed to hide. We'd run back to the largest closet in the house, close the door and sit on the floor in complete silence until they stopped knocking and we heard the engine of their car start and leave. Only after we were sure they were gone would we leave our hiding space and life would return to normal. I was always vigilant and prepared for their future return however.

It wasn't until I was in school that I suddenly found out that was unusual and not everyone grew up hiding from the Jehovah's witnesses. In the second or third grade our teacher was telling us about Ann Frank and how they hid from the Nazis. I blurted out something along the lines of, "Were the SS Jehovah's witnesses?" the teacher was confused at first and then I shared my story. I still remember her red face as she tried not to laugh.

↪️My family also did this, lol. I have a memory of my mother leaving for work while I was sitting on the porch one summer. Suddenly she was back in the driveway shouting LOCK THE DOOR THE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ARE COMING! and I ran back inside to hide.

↪️That's pretty much how it went down with us. If a car pulled in the driveway and I didn't recognize it, I'd turn off my cartoons stand up and start shouting "JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES!" and we'd run to the hiding space. As a child I didn't even question it, I knew nothing about the Jehovah's witnesses other than they are the people you hide from.

↪️We must have gave our 2 cats PTSD from always running whenever there was an unexpected knock at the door. They still run and hide whenever the mailman comes lol

↪️First I've ever heard of them driving cars. In my city, they all ride bicycles.

There was a period of time when I was a kid where two of the neighbors in my apartment building were feuding and one was religious. So the other guy put a small cross upside down on his door. One day the Jehovah Witnesses came by, saw the cross and they all stopped coming by for quite a while. The neighbor with the cross moved out shortly after because I assume he was tired of fighting with the other guy.