Why are we taught to have favorites (e.g. colors, movies, etc.)? Does choosing ‘favorites’ have positive impacts?

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↪️It's teaching you to have an opinion and talk about it, making critical choices about your thoughts. How do you think without reflecting?

↪️It teaches you to have a random "opinion" just for the sake of having an opinion, but for no real reason whatsoever. It teaches that opinions are just social tools to bond with people or fit in a group, not the result of a reason based thought process or importance.

↪️You are asking why we are taught and encouraged to be discerning? Being discerning is easily one of the most consistent and easily identified predictors for success in literally every professional and social context.

👆Fuck these people, and fuck critical thinking. Critical thinking is overrated.

↪️It promotes individuality. Everyone has their special color or movie

↪️Having favorites shapes the individuality of an individual. Favorites define our uniqueness. As human beings, we are meant to be better and different from one another.

👆I don’t think these two guys realize they sound fucking moronic. Yay promote individuality I guess? Maybe when I have kids I should teach them about obscure colors that only designers and artists know so they can trip people up.

↪️I clearly remember being about 8 or so and realising people expected me to have a favourite/lucky number, favourite colour, and favourite animal, and they seemed discomforted when I said I didn’t have a preference (except for fave animal – coz human, obviously, but people didn’t seem to want that).

So I composed a list of arbitrary things to tell people when they asked (in case you’re wondering: 11 coz no reason; blue, coz that seemed a safe choice for a male; can’t remember the animal but not human).

So I guess it taught young me that it’s often easier to tell people what they expect to hear, even if it’s not accurate.

👆This person knows what’s up.

↪️Same, except I only made a choice for color. I always said grey before, and when my daughter was learning colors I told her my favorite is blue just so she'd be happy and it stuck. People get upset with me all the time. I'm sitting here thinking, we're all grown men on a construction yard, and you're mad at me because I don't have a favorite number???

↪️This is the what I was thinking when I meant “does it have a positive impact”! I had the same realization like for example, I love elephants but how can I identify them as my favorite when I love cats too and a lot of other animals that have cool aspects about them?? But i learned to develop my ‘favorite’ because every year in class in elementary school they’d ask what is your favorite ____. I felt in that way it had a negative impact since it didn’t allow me to have the choice to pick multiple things I liked. Also, why tf should we have a favorite color? Yeah I love pink, but i’m not going to draw a pink sun so in this case i’d love a pretty yellow.

↪️Yes exactly P. Rose: the idea of having a single choice already made without the context is crazy, but everyone did it to primary school me all the time. Fave animal to what? Cuddle? Eat? Ride into battle? Transform into at will? Let’s get specific if you want to consult me on animals.

↪️Agreed, I need the context of the situation before I start making silly nilly decisions about my “favorite”

↪️I did this too! Looking back I think it's just prep for rote-learning social niceties. Like how when someone asks "how's it going?" and you're just supposed to answer "good, you?" regardless of how it's actually going. Nobody explains this though so for the more literally-minded the meaningless babbling of the socially ept seems like a baffling brain twister.

↪️it builds your character and personality, so instead of being a "whatever, I don't care" person, you can hold an actual conversation with other people.

👆My character and personality are not shallow enough to be built around favorite colors and animals, fuck you sir.

↪️It's so that people can make snap judgments about you and assign you to one of their mental categories. It also allows them to attempt to figure out your respective positions in the social hierarchy. It's far easier than getting to know you as an individual. Maybe my favourite movie is The Breakfast Club but you don't learn that what I'm really passionate about is music.

(Sorry, mini-rant over. My daughter is at an age where her social group is all about figuring out their "favourites" and it's heartbreaking to watch her arbitrarily pick a "favourite" and then try to conform to it.)

↪️People get so shocked when I say I don't have a favorite in some category. Some people even seem to get offended and insist that I have to pick one. It's always been quite entertaining to me lol

↪️I'm no expert but I think it plays to humans desire to be unique. Our desire to have a true identity.

↪️I don't have many favorites. I love my mother and I love my father equally. When I watch a match, I don't pick a side, I just enjoy the show. Same on politics. I live in the grey side of life instead of picking white or black.

↪️Because humans teach each subsequent generation that they have souls inside of them. This soul supposedly has preferences. If you tell others you have preferences, it reassures and reinforces the standard everyone really has it right and they really have a soul, an invisible something that stores/expresses an inner truth that you somehow have to figure out throughout your life because it’s not already obvious (because, guess what, it’s not actually there).

Ego formation, socialization.

As opposed to: you are the universe in motion, just like the rest of the universe.

↪️Ah the wonders of human tribalism.