Material things I want

  1. A weathered tombstone after I die

  2. A cottage near a promontory, preferably in either GB or Scotland

  3. A herd of sheep

  4. An English country estate

  5. A gothic castle with a family chapel, preferably in Central or Eastern Europe, complete with a moat, drawbridge, portcullis, battlements, towers, turrets, stuff.

  6. A pile of 小伟

  7. A horse named Saint-Just and a head maid called 乙羽

  8. Beautiful tea sets

  9. Beat-up leather boots like the ones Leonardo Dicaprio’s Rimbaud wears in Total Eclipse

  10. Classic cars

  11. Walking canes

  12. Capes

  13. A carriage

  14. Whips

  15. Opera glasses

  16. Monocles

  17. A vineyard in or near southern France

  18. A traditional Japanese estate

  19. A library with books for walls

  20. A typewriter

  21. A Japanese archery range

  22. A huge bath

  23. Lots of carpets

  24. Wallpapers!

  25. Dark wood

  26. Cold, heavy stones

  27. A gondola

  28. A minstrels’ gallery

  29. masquerade balls

  30. A chocolate fountain

  31. A torture room

  32. My own chamber musicians

  33. A harpsichord

  34. A harp

  35. A violin

  36. A harmonium

  37. An awesome organ

  38. gaslight lamps

  39. Chandeliers with real candles

  40. Hamsters, kittens, squirrels, puppies….

  41. an elevator tucked behind a door

  42. a TV hidden behind faux books